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Fresh and clean air is here.

Air purification made easy and effective with Treely's Three-Stage filter unit.

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What is the
Treely Air Purifier?

The Treely Air Purifier is a cost-effective anti-epidemic product capable of eliminating 99.9% of airborne microorganisms.

Utilizing a wall-mounted unit and proven UVC and PCO air disinfectant technology, the Treely Air Purifier can cleanse the air in any room.

What is Treely AP
Child's Room

Extensive Coverage

Designed to filter 700 - 1000 sq ft.


Treely Air’s wall-mount position provides better coverage in a room, filtering and circulating air more efficiently than typical HEPA filter units

Extensive Coverage




Three-Stage Filter


Dust Filter

• Removes larger particles, such as dust and hair


Photocatalyst Filter

• Eliminates volatile organic compounds in the air,

   such as formaldehyde

• Reduces small particulates in the air


UVC Lamps

• Kills airborne bacteria and viruses

Multi-Environment Use

Treely Air Purifier can be used in many different environments:

• Home

• Office

• Retail

• Clinic

• Gym

• Hotel

• Restaurant

• Public Transit

• Indoor Events

• Classroom


Economic Design

The Treely Air Purifier targets an eco-friendlty design with improved operating efficiency.

Constructed out of a durable metal housing and using UVC lamps for filtration and cleansing, no HEPA filter is needed.

General waste product and plastic usage is reduced by up to 90%.

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Life Cycle of Consumable Parts

8,000 hours+

UVC Lamp Operating Hours


Less operating cost for over 2 Years

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Reach out for more info

Interested in the Treely Air Purifier and want to become a dealer or distributor?

Don't hesitate to reach out or leave a message.


+1 (289)-380-1888

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